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White Cat's Paw

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ghostycat said: so much stupid anons, im gonna puke......... srsly they know nothing, you're perfect

thank you baby ugh i cant stand ppl today tbh

Anonymous said: YEah for real, what do they know about you. little cumslut slave with daddy issues, and many physical flaws, as well as mental can;t even go a week without pills white girl .... what do they know

this doesnt make any sense

everyone has physical flaws 

i dont even have daddy issues in fact me and my dad are really close!!! :-)

and “cant go a week without pills” ???? im medicated, youre making it sound like im addicted to  recreational drugs which ive never even touched in my life

holy shit im sorry but you are stupid


finger me like you’re full comboing soldier game on expert

Anonymous said: Don't listen to those ass holes, you're gorgeous and your blog is amazing 👌

thank you!!! i dont listen to them tbh theyre dumb and too cowardly to come off anon and thats their problem not mine

Anonymous said: Hi I just wanted to tell you I think you're beautiful and a very kind and amazing person. Have a wonderful day sweetie.

i really needed this, thank you so much.