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when bae is at work but u send nudes to him anyway

its been almost 2 years since my childhood dog passed and i think about him everyday and i miss him so much and i would do anything and i mean anything to see him again and pet his fur and play with him

when i was a kid i had extreme anxiety which made me not sleep. i slept about 3 hours every night at the age of 4, when children my age needed 10-12 hours of sleep everynight. we got him when he was a puppy about a month after i started kindergarten and he got to live in my room, he was a border collie which made him extremely protective and loyal. every night up until i was 17 he would sleep on the end of my bed, almost guarding me, and the amount of sleep i had went from 3 to 9 hours nightly within a few years.

we put him down summer of 2012, because of brain cancer and cancer in his legs that was slowly killing him. he has seizures daily and would foam at the mouth, he had a limp and was obviously not a happy dog. i still remember getting in the car after work to the news we had to put him down, and it was the hardest day of my life.

i cried for 32 hours straight and couldn’t eat without throwing up. the emotional release during human mourning is the most painful thing you can go through. yet again my sleeping problems came back the day he passed. i went from sleeping 8 to 2 hours a night and would pass out at least once a week from exhaustion.

thankfully my boyfriend and i began to sleep on skype, giving me a feeling of comfort and security in my mourning process. it helped me sleep, but i still miss him every day.

the purpose of this post is so we can remember how incredible dogs are. theyre some of the most intelligent, human-like animals on this planet, and their unconditional love is one of the most beautiful things in the animal kingdom.


i just wanted to make this post for my precious baby, thank you for protecting me for the greater majority of my life. ill never forget you and i miss you so much <3 rip henry, 1999-2012 

wahhhh im getting my period tomorrow and i have SUCH bad cramps and im craving chocolate so much but if i have too much sugar i feel sick

someone should bring me frozen yogurt

or chocolate covered bananas

or mint chocolate chip ice cream 

or taro bubble tea

or aloe jelly

o-or a pbj sandwich 



when your favorite anime has a dead fandom